Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving

When the holidays approach, I receive numerous emails, texts, and phone messages that go something like this: “Hey Diana! Do you have any food ideas for my vegan and vegetarian guests coming to dinner on (fill in a holiday)?”

The answer is always a resounding yes, Yes, YES, and YASS!

I absolutely love these requests because I think about food an awful lot. Menu suggestions based on dietary preferences have become second nature to me since holidays at my house can (and often do) include vegetarians, vegans, meat-lovers, pescatarians, fruitarians, lactose-intolerant individuals, or those observing a raw diet, sometimes all at one table.

It’s not very hard to suggest great alternate mains that support specific diets but also serve as delicious sides for your next holiday feast.

Let me rephrase that. It’s kind of hard to narrow down the choices, especially when I think of all the incredible recipes that cycled through the Fine Cooking kitchens during my tenure there.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes, which also recall some wonderful memories. Click on each page image to open a PDF of it in a new tab.

What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

Since the Fine Cooking website was shut down, you can email for the recipe. Also, consider joining the Fine Cooking Community group on Facebook!

—Chef Diana

Giving credit where credit is due:

  • Food Styling: Ronne Day
  • Photography: Scott Philips (all recipes)
  • Photography: Russ Murray @remages (header image & below)

P.S. The post header and image below are for a vegetarian/vegan Indian street food. Email if you want the recipe!

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