In my former career as a Creative Director in the publishing industry, I was responsible for copy, design, and production of marketing and promotional pieces, online advertising, web design and content management, cover and interior design for magazines, books, and journals.

I’m still pretty heavily involved in creative direction, copy, design, and editing on the magazine and book side of the industry. Strangely enough, when I’m not working on the culinary side of my career, I continue to provide freelance services to many of the publishing houses where I was once on staff.

“What does this have to do with culinary?” you might ask. More than you think. As a publishing professional who has been working in the industry for 15+ years, I can offer superb cookbook design from the perspective of a chef. Not only that, I bring an enormous amount of experience to the cookbook segment of the industry from working in the test kitchen at Fine Cooking Magazine, which is a true teaching magazine. I can look at a recipe, or a cookbook  from the perspective of the home cook and know what to suggest in the copy of the recipe that might clarify or simplify things, or the design the cookbook that will not only make the book beautiful, but make the recipe successful as well.

Someone I interviewed not too long ago for DICED, the official blog of The Institute of Culinary Education, told me that all your previous careers eventually dovetail and help create who you are in your next chosen career. That person was Susan Stockton, former Senior VP, Culinary, at Food Network Magazine. I had the privilege of interviewing her not too long before she retired. She’ll always be a mentor to me. Beautiful and dynamic, a fellow recareerer, who took Food Network by storm, and did things that made a difference, simply because she could.

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