BTT LOGO copyThis website represents the culinary offerings and opinions Chef Diana Andrews, and her fabulous food blog “Between the Tines“.

The BTT blog is dedicated to offering an alternative perspective on her favorite subject on the planet: food. If you are constantly asking yourself what your next meal is, when you can eat, and how far in advance you can plan for your next meal, then you’ll find a kindred spirit right here.

Wonderful, life-sustaining food, foodies, the food industry, and just about everything else related to food can be found here. Ideas, insights, inspirations, opinions, reviews, interviews, recipes, and the space between the tines, where no one goes. What falls between the lines won’t fall between these tines!

Chef Diana Andrews - in her whitesMore About Me

Before culinary, I was a Creative Director in the publishing and media industries with a focus on marketing and support services. Now, I use both my culinary and creative skills every day in the kitchen! After all, creating good food is an art, isn’t it? Find out more about my previous career here https://dianaandrews.com.

I graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in Fine Art, and attended Parsons School of Design for Continuing Education in Advertising and Graphics. I hold a Culinary Arts Certification and a Premier Cru Wine Certification from The Institute of Culinary Education (“ICE”) in New York City. Also, I earned and maintain my Food Safety Certification from The American Food Safety Institute.

Please get in touch here or email directly: me@chefdianaandrews.com

–Chef Diana