Virtual Cooking Classes

“I was in Chef Diana’s recent Zoom class for Sheet-Pan Shrimp & Vegetables with Orange Dressing. We really enjoyed this meal and it’s so pretty. This is a meal that I’ll use frequently.”
— Barbara E.

“Diana is a wonderful chef and terrific teacher! She makes cooking delicious recipes easy!”
— Allison D.

“Thank you for the exemplary Zoom opportunity. Diana did a great job offering tips, techniques and new skills.  Her website offers ways to reach her with some questions that I had this morning.  Please ask her back to present another epicurean delight soon.  Thank you again.” 
— Jon B.

“We had fun and thought the shrimp dish was really delicious. It’s a keeper.”
— Sue L.

“This was great! Diana was a perfect teacher and even I was able to do it!”
— Alexander B.

“Thanks for organizing the virtual cooking class.  Greg and I had a lot of fun cooking last night with Diana.  The outcome was delicious.”
— Kerry C.