Recipe: Ravioli Lasagna – Easy & Fun!

What if I told you that I dreamed up an easy, fun, and stress-free way to make a scrumptious, unctuous lasagna that anyone (even your kids) can make? It’s Ravioli Lasagna!

Think about it; doesn’t it make sense to simplify a traditionally time-consuming recipe by using a ready-made, fresh, stuffed pasta that already incorporates ricotta and other pre-seasoned, wonderful flavors such as spinach, sausage, artichoke, or a variety of cheeses?

For this recipe, you’ll purchase a 20-ounce package of fresh ravioli filled with your favorite ingredients and layer it with jarred (or homemade) tomato and alfredo sauces, and of course, mozzarella cheese, grated Parmesan, and fresh basil.

This recipe is that simple! And if you want to simplify the ingredients even further, that’s possible, too, since I’ve made some of the ingredients optional.

Don’t believe me? Watch this Ravioli Lasagna come together on my YouTube (please subscribe to my channel if you like the video), then try it for yourself.

The full 10-minute video…

Link: Ravioli Lasagna recipe (PDF).

Let me know if you make this one — you know I love hearing from you!

–Chef Diana

Giving credit where credit is due:
Videography & Editing by @remages

The shorter version of Ravioli Lasagna on Instagram & TikTok:


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