Warm Ravioli Salad with Marinated Cheese, Apple, and Tomato

The other day, I was lucky enough to receive a market basket of beautiful produce from my dear friend Mary Jo’s incredibly lush vegetable garden. The bag was filled with just-picked delights such as rainbow Swiss chard, broccoli greens, Romain lettuce, and my absolute favorite cruciferous vegetable and superfood, arugula.

Did you know that arugula was considered an aphrodisiac by the Romans and Egyptians back in the day? Yes, it’s been around that long, and I totally get why they thought it a “sensuous” food since it boosts the feel-good hormone, serotonin.

The peppery-herbaceous quality is unlike any other. Arugula is part of the mustard green family and is high in iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, and K. Good thing for me that it’s available year-round since it’s my go-to for salads and so much more.

I usually don’t cook this leafy green as much as let it wilt into whatever dish I’m creating. I added a surprise ingredient, an apple, whose job was to balance out the saltiness of the cheese and the pepperiness of the arugula. I hope you try this recipe spotlighting arugula. It’s easy, quick, and really delicious.

Also, check out my 2023 post about Marinated Cheese by itself, and more details about the Warm Ravioli Salad with Arugula, Apple, and Tomato, with Marinated Cheese as a special ingredient.

Questions? I’m always here with answers.

–Chef Diana

warm ravioli salad
*Fabulous food styling by Heather Meldrom, incredible photography by Felicia Perretti

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