Eating Safe and Staying Safe During COVID-19

As a Certified Food Safety Manager, I’m always taking precautions to be sure that everyone in the test kitchen is practicing safe food handling. This naturally translates over to what we’re going through right now. COVID-19 has been a rude awakening for everyone. The only comforting thought is that we’re all in this together. Until we can figure out how to outsmart this virus, we can all stay as safe as possible by enforcing a few new behaviors that we should definitely turn into habits.

Here are a few of what I think are the most informative and dependable sites out there that have touched on all the things that are critically important to me.

The best video I’ve seen to date on proper handwashing. I finally found one that includes wrists (thank you, NYT):

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease:

Here’s how Amazon says you should handle packages to prevent spreading the virus:

No evidence at this point to indicate that pets spread COVID-19 to other animals or humans:

Common household products that can destroy COVID-19:

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t forget to wash your hands often!

–Chef Diana

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