Test Kitchen Tips & Tricks

Part of my job as Test Kitchen Director/Senior Food Editor at Fine Cooking Magazine was to develop a series of kitchen tips relating to the featured recipes in that issue. Back then, I’d keep a notebook close at hand when testing recipes to record easier and alternative ways to tackle tasks, which would typically be quite cumbersome.

Subscriber surveys revealed readers were quite fond of the Test Kitchen Department and would turn first to those pages when each new issue arrived in the mail. Just enough tips, new techniques, equipment, and ingredient suggestions were offered to pique the reader’s interest, always leaving them wanting more of these little extras.

Later, when I began teaching culinary classes, it seemed natural to incorporate these extras into my recipes and lesson plans. As a result, my tips and tricks became quite popular, with many class participants mentioning how much they enjoyed them.

Now, I regularly post Kitchen Tips & Tricks on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In the videos, you’ll be able to visit me in my home kitchen, onsite at a class, and in other places where interesting culinary moments have happened.

Here’s an example from my YouTube channel:

While you’re on my YouTube, you can also check out recipes and techniques which are not on the other feeds.

Check out the videos below on each platform, and let me know what you think!

—Chef Diana




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