Everything’s Peachy!

It’s Peach Truck season! We have been waiting for it all year. And when the truck arrives, my friends and I hoard several boxes of these blushing beauties and gorge ourselves on one of the most deliciously sweet, juicy fruits on the planet.

Let me explain. These aren’t just any old peaches; they’re peaches from the source. Can you guess? Think license plates. Georgia peaches are sublime. They taste like summer. They reminded me of my childhood when things seemed to taste much better, and life was less complicated.

About twenty peaches into my stash, I started thinking about galettes because they’re so easy and fuss-free to prepare, and this seemed like a natural choice. These peaches didn’t need much help. Just a tiny bit of sugar so that it straddles the fine line between breakfast treat and dessert, a pinch of salt for balance, and not much more.

I remembered that I had a frozen crust for Dorie Greenspan’s beautiful recipe for Apple Pie, Circus-style (referring to the Circus Bakery in Paris), that I intended to try a few months back before getting ridiculously busy. So the dough I haphazardly tossed into the freezer came in really handy here.

Here are a few process shots of the recipe coming together.

One final word. If you don’t have peach-truck quality peaches, don’t let that stop you from trying this recipe. Just be sure that your peaches are ripe and juicy. You can even use frozen peaches since their quality (and color) is pretty dependable. Just be sure to defrost them before using them. I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

Email me for this recipe.

Questions? I’m always here with answers.

–Chef Diana

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