Pop-up, Popover

I’ve wanted to write about my obsession with popovers for the longest time. The idea that this simple, delicious, light, and delicate roll can be made quickly, with few ingredients, does more to lift my spirits these days than just about anything else.

The only special equipment you’ll need is a popover pan, but if you don’t want to commit to another pan to crowd your kitchen, you can use a muffin tin. However, once you taste these pillowy puffs of goodness and experience how effortless they are to make, you may want to buy the appropriate pan immediately to experience the tallest popovers possible.

I love the mini popover pan, which I’ve used here (yields about 11 to 12, depending on how much batter you pour into each cup), but the larger popover pan, which yields 6, is more traditional. The only difference is that you may have to bake the larger popovers for a few more minutes.

I should also mention that Yorkshire Pudding is almost the same as popovers, the difference being that they’re usually made in muffin-like tins, which are greased with beef drippings.

Here are some process shots of the recipe coming together.

Email me for this recipe.

Questions? I’m always here with answers.

–Chef Diana

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