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Restaurant Quality Steak in Fifteen Minutes

Back in the day, and not that long ago, I contracted with World Market to give monthly cooking demos in their luxurious demo kitchen based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I’m not one for self-flattery, but the demos were pretty easy for me and lots of fun because I love to teach people how to cook. However, one demo, in particular, stands out in my mind, which I’d like to share with you here.

Similar to stand-up comedy, I liked to start each demo by saying something provocative to the crowd, something that would hold their interest. And on that particularly cold Saturday afternoon this past November, I announced to the group that I’d be teaching them how to cook restaurant-quality steak with three ingredients and a few tools, all in about fifteen minutes. I suppose one man in the crowd didn’t believe me and decided to challenge me. A heckler, I thought to myself. “That can’t be done,” he said. I took a deep breath and kept my cool, and responded by saying that he should stick around to see me do that very thing.

So, he did, and I did.

By the end of the demo, not only had he tasted innumerable samples, he gave me a standing ovation, insisted on taking my picture, and of course, wanted the recipe.

Some process photos:

salted steak
Salt the steak
into the skillet
Into the skillet
flip the steak
Flip the steak
sear the edges, if you like
Sear the edges, if you like
time for the oven
Time for the oven
resting on cutting board
Resting on the cutting board
time to eat
Ready to eat

With just four ingredients and a simple cooking technique, the steak is good enough to be served all by itself.

–Chef Diana

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