Food Company Services

A suite of culinary, marketing, and sales support services designed, developed, and delivered by Chef Diana specifically for food companies, including:

  • Brands / Manufacturers
  • Growers / Producers
  • Importers / Multi-Brand
  • Wholesalers / Packagers
  • Retailers / Grocers

Consider one (or a combination) of these ideas, options, and offerings to enhance, evolve, modernize, and grow your food company:

  • Brand Ambassador
    • Advocate and spokesperson for a brand, product line, and/or specific product.
  • Social Influencer
    • Create multi-format (image, text, short & long videos) promotional content and post to TikTok, Instagram, etc.
    • Drive traffic to brand/product profiles, feeds, and key posts via #tags, @mentions, reposts, etc.
  • Strategic Marketer
    • Support of brand/product campaigns and initiatives synchronized with your marketing calendar.
    • Focused content creation and posting to help move overstocked or underselling product(s).
  • Product Launcher
    • Full or mini-campaign support of brand/product introductions and launches.
    • Dedicated (or team-member) resource for trade-shows, events, media, etc.
  • Editorial Director
    • Content creation and editorial direction aligned with your branding, messaging, marketing calendar, and sales objectives.
    • Planning and executing your editorial calendar, including talent recruitment and ongoing editorial team management.
  • Chief Culinary Officer
    • Outsource a senior culinary executive available for short-term projects and/or long term management team augmentation.
    • Update products and ingredients to reflect current food, cooking, and dietary trends in the marketplace.
    • Optimize culinary operations for safe and efficient workflows.

Email to find out how we can help grow your food company!

–Chef Diana