Food Media:

“Diana’s talents are unmatched by any recipe developer, chef, project manager, instructor, mentor of interns or team leader that I have had the blessing to work with. Diana rises to each challenge delivering with excellence and professionalism. Diana’s recipe development is artistic, on-target, top-notch and creative. Her editing skills are thorough. Her commitment to staff…..caring. Her leadership skills….kind. Diana is a rare gem.”  –Mary R.

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Diana for the last several years at Fine Cooking. Her skill at recipe development, problem-solving, and mastery in cooking never fails to impress. As an editor working closely with Diana to develop advertorials, I’ve seen her take a rough idea and give it tens of spins–any of which would result in a success. Diana manages an efficient, effective Test Kitchen that is full of happy assistants and interns; I’m always grateful to enter and enjoy.” –Sarah O.

“I’ve worked with Diana for four years now, and I’m continually impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. She is not only a developer of rock-solid, crowd-pleasing recipes but is also an ace at troubleshooting problematic recipes and making sure that they work for Fine Cooking’s dedicated readers. Diana never hesitates to step up when someone needs help or when we need content, and she’s a great guide for the assistants who work in the FC test kitchen.” –Chris H.

Culinary Instruction:

“Thank you for the exemplary Zoom opportunity. Diana did a great job offering tips, techniques and new skills.  Her website offers ways to reach her with some questions that I had this morning.  Please ask her back to present another epicurean delight soon.  Thank you again.”  –Jon B.

“We had fun and thought the shrimp dish was really delicious. It’s a keeper.” –Sue L.

“This was great! Diana was a perfect teacher and even I was able to do it!” –Alexander B.

“Thanks for organizing the virtual cooking class.  Greg and I had a lot of fun cooking last night with Diana.  The outcome was delicious.” –Kerry C.

“Diana has been instrumental in teaching my daughters and me culinary skills at multiple levels. Her clean and efficient technique skills as well as delicious recipe ideas promotes follow-through. Even our 12 year old daughter has loved recreating these dishes. Also, the practical knowledge and application of cooking techniques has rekindled our love of cooking together as a family which is priceless. We owe a debt of gratitude to Diana!” –Joy J.