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Chef Diana Andrews - in her whitesChief, Cook, and Bottle-Washer

That’s me! I pretty much do it all. Simply stated, I’m a recareerer. That’s a popular new word that was recently added to the list of acceptable new words in many updated dictionaries along with other interesting words like refollow, resubscribe, branzino, cranachan, and my current favorite, food coma.

Recareering means that for me, culinary is my second career, and probably the career I should have had from the beginning, except way back then (don’t ask), I didn’t know that culinary schools or culinary careers existed.

I have been a Creative Director in the publishing industry for most of my professional life, and I’m lucky enough to have been given an opportunity to combine my second profession in culinary with my creative skill set. After all, creating good food is an art, isn’t it?

In addition to graduating from Queens College with a B.A. in Fine Art, and attending Parsons School of Design for Continuing Design Education in Advertising and Graphics, I hold a Culinary Arts Certification and a Premier Cru Wine Certification from The Institute of Culinary Education located in New York City. I received my Food Safety Certification from The American Food Safety Institute.

I’ve worked in a number of professional culinary capacities for places like the James Beard House, Dressing Room Restaurant, Sur La Table Teaching Kitchen, Fine Cooking Magazine, Food Network Magazine, and Standing Room Only Catering. I have been a guest blogger for DICED, the official blog of The Institute of Culinary Education, Feed-the-Feed, and Bromography. I’ve taught private and group culinary classes, and have catered private dinner parties.

Oh yeah, I also write this food blog…

– Chef Diana –

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