America's Test Kitchen - Between the TInes

America’s Test Kitchen!

Are you tired of tuning in to the frenetic madness of watching whirling-dervish chefs compete with each other on the set of a cold stainless-steel kitchen?

Does the sound of clanging pots, rattled nerves, gnashing teeth, and sweaty brows bring back bad memories of your last hangover?

Does opening the “mystery basket” to find the ungodly combination of ground turkey and an old mop as the next food-prep challenge leave you speechless?

Does the prospect of piling 1,000 just-baked cupcakes on top of a display of a rocket to the moon make you wonder what planet you’re living on?

Are you shocked that certain celebrity chefs dress like characters from The Stepford Wife or display more cleavage than the current playmate-of-the-month?

Are you wondering why you tune in to a cooking show featuring a chef that seems to not enjoy the process of cooking?

Perhaps you need a break from the glamour and glitz of celebrity chef-dom to take a step into a world where the food is in the limelight, not a personality.

Enter, America’s Test Kitchen. Wow, is this refreshing. I tuned in to find real-life chefs who actually teach lessons in technique, methodology, and food science. I learned how to make a great crust for a cherry pie (Sweet Cherry Pie). I learned how to select the best equipment for the job at hand that worked within my budget (Inexpensive Nonstick Skillets). I learned how to select the best cooking oil based on results from products tested (All-Purpose Vegetable Oils).

This straightforward approach to cooking feels right to me. It’s what a cooking show is supposed to be. The recipes offered are guaranteed to work every time because they are tested again and again to assure consistency. Finally! A community of people dedicated to the fine art of food preparation without the dog-and-pony show. I’m truly home! Visit America’s Test Kitchen at to experience what I mean.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying I’m never going back to those other shows, but when I do I’ll be sure to remember I’m in a place that’s “no place like home.”

Happy Learning!

The Big Tine

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