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I Get Delirious!

The Beautiful One
The Beautiful One

Lucky me!

I had the pleasure of seeing Prince last Tuesday evening, January 18, at Madison Square Garden. Needless to say, it was quite a performance. Prince is a musical genius, in my humble opinion, and I believe quite a number of people I know would agree.

Because his audience literally spans across people of all ages and races, he made sure to have something for everyone, which means he’s thinking about his performance and about his fans. That made me like (OK, LOVE) him that much more.

At times he rocked so hard that he sounded like Hendrix. Other times he was mellow and sexy (ladies, I know you understand what I mean). He made the women in the audience feel as though he was singing to each one individually.  Blues and funk were always in the mix, something I’ve grown to expect from Prince. Oh, yeah, did I mention that Prince is an incredible dancer? Moves so sure and smooth that I was mesmerized. There are only a few people in this life that you encounter as being what I call “comfortable in their own skin”, and Prince is certainly one of them.

Always entertaining, always funny and charming, always sexy and soulful. I’m not embarrassed to say that I LOVE PRINCE.

Now, since this is a food blog, I do have to mention something about food, don’t I. What food comes to mind when I say the words “Madison Square Garden”? I fell off the proverbial “healthful eating” wagon, and I fell hard.

This is turning into a confessional blog, dear reader. So far, I’ve confessed that I love Prince. Now I have to confess something very difficult for me to reveal. Bless me, Prince, for I have sinned, it’s been 8 years since my last “food” confession and these are my sins…I had a hot dog before the show. Yes, a hot dog. With everything on it. One of the extra fat ones that hardly fits in the bun. Boy, can the Garden do junk food right!

I had my fill and paid dearly for my little diversion (I won’t get into details). So in the semi-modified words of Prince, I sign off by saying: “Dearly beloved, we have gathered today to get through this thing called “hot dog guilt”. Electric words “hot dog guilt” it means it will feel like it’s with you forever and that’s a mighty long time…”

Happy Eating!

The Big Tine

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